Only those who pray, count, converse, observe the universe and immerse themselves in the culinary and eating habits of the Maya… Can be Maya.
The Mayan spirituality

H’ men or traditional Mayan Priests are wise men with a ruling position in their communities.

The Gods helped men work and provided them goods and meals, the payment for their tributes had to be done in advance though the offerings that only the H’ men could do.

Be part of an authentic Mayan ceremony and testify the expressions of this living culture.

The secrets of the Mayan cuisine

Learn how to prepare one of the most traditional dishes which its ingredients and manufacturing process, have remained in our culture through the centuries.

The Mayan numerology

The contribution of the Mayan civilization in the fields of astronomy, time measurement and mathematics, is amazing.

Learn the numerical Mayan base and understand how the ancient Mayas calculated the time.

The universe

Enrich your visit to Chichen Itza and discover The Maya Universe, a new digital Planetarium show produced by Chabot Space & Science Center.

The Maya Universe transports us in time to the Mayan jungle of Mexico and presents us the history, cultural heritage, as well as the scientific and astronomical knowledge of the ancient Mayas.

The sacred city of Chichen Itza

Admire magnificent monuments and vestiges & witness the Majesty of Chichen Itza, ancient city considered as sacred by the ancient Mayas.

You are welcome to access Chichén Itza through our entrance located in the gardens of the Hotel & Bungalows Mayaland. Our privileged location provides you the opportunity of entering the site from the Hotel countless times throughout the day.

The Mayan hospitality and get delighted with our language

During the meal,  our hosts with you part of their cultural heritage;  they will teach you basic words from the Mayan language.  Accept the challenge of learning at least 5 words.

The Mayan language is a living language!

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