Campeche: You can feel the presence of Campeche’s history (World Heritage site) when you stroll through the historical downtown streets. Since parts of the old fortress walls still remain, the legacy of pirates, conquerors and civil war lingers from the XIX century can be felt in the atmosphere.

The Historical Center of Campeche was designed in the Renaissance stile of a “chess board” in accordance to the specifications of the Spanish Crown. On the square closest to the sea the central park was built and main town square.

Though it was built for the people of the community, this square was used by the town elite, Spanish royalty and political authority for parties and ceremonies.

The buildings enclosing the square were used for the government offices, The Cathedral, Navy offices, Customs and the most influent conquistadors’ houses.

Now days the historical downtown of Campeche City, main center of business, cultural, administrative and tourist activities, is surrounded by buildings from the XVI, XVII, XVIII, and XIX centuries; and edifications with military, civil and religious architecture, as well as complex offices, and houses from the XX century, located in areas gained on the sea.