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"Contributions to Sustainable development are highly appreciated by guests and other instances related to improve the quality of life of local communities"
(National Geographic Society)


Mayaland is highly compromised in the practice of Sustainable Tourism as pioneer in the tourism industry in Mexico. In its beginnings; it promoted the practice of the Archaeological tourism at ancient Mayan sites of the Yucatan Peninsula since 1921, mainly in Chichén Itza and Uxmal, where our Resorts are located ever since.

The company always has been using environmental resources in their properties, which constitute a key element in tourism development, maintaining essential ecological processes and helping to conserve natural and cultural heritage as well as the biodiversity at the Mayaland Resorts.

Mayaland respects and works direct with the socio-cultural presence of the Mayan communities through this Direction of Cultural and Sustainable Tourism, conserving their environment and living cultural heritage and traditional values through the practice of Tourism.

Most recently, our company has been participating in programs that verified the good environmental practices    such   as   the   seal    "Verified"    from

Rainforest Alliance to our hotels: Hotel & Bungalows Mayaland and The Lodge at Chichen Itzá, as well as participating in the World Travel Responsible Tourism Day of the World Travel Market, among many others.

We contribute to inter-cultural understanding with our communities and help them to improve their quality of life through viable and the permanent establishment of programs we coordinate with private and governmental authorities in order to support and benefit our local communities. Most of them are home base of our employees and their families.

Mayaland maintains a high level of tourist satisfaction and ensure a meaningful experience to our visitors, raising their awareness about sustainability issues and promoting responsible tourism practices in our valuable Yucatan Peninsula.

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From Yucatan, Mexico:
The Mayaland
World Responsible Tourism Day

Mayaland Resorts as a company concerned with the environment and our cultural legacy, is committed to minimizing the negative impacts that our business could generate by applying criteria based on the following issues:

Environmental Issues. Mayaland Resorts seeks to minimize any damage to the environment (flora, fauna, water, soil, energy use, pollution, etc.) benefiting the environment positively, promoting reforest, biodiversity and conservation, creating awareness among our visitors about the values and the environmental costs and by inviting them to join our effort.

Social and Cultural Issues. Mayaland Resorts as a business, contributes to revitalize the local economy and social structures of our communities.

We practice a culture of value and respect towards our local culture at the time to promote the protection of our natural environment, cultural heritage and historical legacy.

Economical Issues. Mayaland Resorts rejects unproductive practices in its working policies. We permanently contribute to improve the quality of life of all our employees by applying in our hiring and working processes, a policy that promotes gender equal opportunities.

The company expressly respects the political, religious, sexual and ethnic origin of all our collaborators. Mayaland Resorts is a place to work in harmony under an atmosphere of acceptance, tolerance and respect.

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