FICMAYA is a trajectory and not a moment in one’s calendar, it contemplates the implementation and development of permanent actions which propitiate the study, diffusion and expression of our cultures knowledge, beginning with different displays: visual art, scenic art, literature, music, gastronomy and popular art, among others.

In December of 2012, within the beginning of the new Mayan era, the first edition of the International Festival of Mayan Culture took place. Its objective, to diffuse the different demonstrations of this culture and to recognize its transcendence and greatness.

The renewal of the “Mayan Era”, alike the mystical and arcane condition of this civilizations prophecies, motivated a significant presence of international and national tourism in the Yucatan at the end of 2012, which endorsed our state and, in particular, the archeological site of Chichén Itza, Human Heritage Site and a Wonder of the Modern World, as a reference to this culture on a worldwide level. Considering the immense participation obtained, the Government of the State of Yucatan determined to institute the celebration of the International Festival of Mayan Culture permanently and instituted an organizational committee whose sole purpose is the planning, organization and evaluation of the latter, with the consolidation of Yucatan and Mexico as obliged cultural references for cultural tourism as its goal.

Since the first festival took place in 2012, its following editions until 2015 have allowed us to see the era, the architecture, the landscape and the science of this great civilization.

A new opportunity presented itself to us in 2016, where the theme of the festival is of language and imagination. We are certain that we will continue opening cultural spaces which encourage and enrich speech among people; the sort of dialect which promotes global culture, friendship and the creation of values.

Please be pending of the next edition of the International Festival of Mayan Culture in 2017. And why not also take the opportunity to take some very deserved vacations in this wonderful place on earth called Yucatan.

Salomé Bojórquez  Sales & Reservations Executive