The charming coastline, blessed with warm beaches, also boosts nature reserves, which protect a variety of flora and fauna unique to this part of the world. It is a paradise for adventure, tourism and ecotourism lovers.

Here you can walk, take a bicycle ride, practice windsurfing, kayaking, compete in fishing tournaments and enjoy the tasty dishes of the day; fresh and imaginatively garnished and cooked to perfection.

You’ll feel the energy of a natural world that sleeps with the setting sun, where the song of thousands of birds from trees and mangroves welcomes the starry night.

Rio Lagartos – Located almost at the end of the enchanting coastline, Rio Lagartos embraces the ports of El Cuyo and las Coloradas. Here, sweet rainwater comes together with salty seawater and a unique variety of bird’s species are the delight of nature watchers.

Without a doubt, the natural beauty and magic of Yucatan will captivate you.

San Felipe – This quaint, picturesque, fishing village is made up or rustic wooden houses. Take a stroll on the promenade, which runs the length of the estuary, to admire the beauty of the vegetation.

El Palmar – One of the most important ecological reserves and home to surrounding mangroves, which provide shelter for many aquatic birds. Arrange a boat trip and enjoy the Ojo de Agua in the middle of the ocean, too.

Celestun – A port full of mystery, where some of the most exotic species of Yucatan exist side by side. Pink flamingos give a spectacular show as they fly just overhead; the estuary is their natural breeding ground after long flights along the eastern coast.

Visitors can also beat the heat by taking a dip in the sweet, fresh-water coming up from the “Ojos de agua”, literally eyes of water, hidden among the natural tunnels of the estuary formed among the mangroves.

These can be reached by boats driven by the locals, whose trips are invariably embellished by stories as interwoven as their fishing nets. Nothing surpasses the trip down the estuary to its spectacular rendezvous with the sea but not before paying a visit to the “Tampeten”; also know as the Petrified Forest.

In the heart of the town, a beach of unequalled beauty and an exquisite variety of fresh fish makes for the perfect excuse for speeding another day in Celestun.