Labna was originally discovered and partially rebuilt in the 19th century. Since then, it has been neglected. This historic archeological site is only a short distance from our Uxmal Hotels.

Located about six miles from Sayil, on the Puuc Route, Labna’s structures are similar in style and scope, suggesting a close relationship between the two cities.

The Central Palace area is entered through a well-restored, Puuc-style, archway that is considered one of the finer examples of this type of architecture.

The story of Labna remains largely hidden among the collapsed buildings and the encroaching underbrush, and will remain that way until more restoration is done in this historic site.

The largest structure in Labna is a pyramid, which is topped by partially collapsed temple that was added at a later date. It is likely that this city too fell before the onslaught of the mighty Itza.