Our History

An Enduring Tradition


Our History


In 1917, Mayaland’s founder, Don Fernando Barbachano Peón,  Mexico’s tourism pioneer, organized the first tour to Chichén Itzá.  He  had convinced folks traveling in the few passenger cabins of their Ward Line cargo ship, serving the route from New York to Veracruz, calling on the ports of Havana and Progreso, where they disembarked and followed him on a one week tour of the Yucatán.  His achievement marked the beginning of organized tourism in Mexico.


Four years later his successful efforts gave legal birth to Mayaland Tours, founded in 1921.


Today, with the same enthusiasm and charisma, Don Fernando’s family continues to show travelers the best of the Yucatán.


Mayaland is the gateway into two very different worlds: the quiet glories of Colonial Yucatán, and the might of the ancient Maya. To fully appreciate the magic of the Yucatán, you must experience both.  Mayaland has the best professional guides, the largest fleet of specialty Mercedes Benz touring cars and vans as well as world class resorts Strategically & Uniquely located in the heart of the Temples at Uxmal and Chichén Itzá to bring you the premier services and facilities that will give you, our guest, an unpararelled experience.